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Product Updates


Working across spaces and upgrading to Unlimited has never been easier! Create spaces in seconds with template spaces, Gift a month of Rock Unlimited and receive $20 in balance to upgrade, and move discussions across spaces by forwarding messages.

Space templates

Create new projects faster than ever with space templates. Duplicate any existing space configurations for future collaborations; from client onboarding to marketing campaigns and event management.

To access templates, go to space settings (admin permissions required) and create a new template.

Select the icon and space name of your template. You can choose what information you want to carry over to future copies (tasks, notes, topics, pinned items).

Once you've created a template, access it anytime from your user settings under "templates". Simply select apply to new space and a new space will be created.

Create unlimited new spaces with the template configuration and invite anyone to join you for messaging, tasks, and all your favorite apps in one place.

To learn more about space templates, check out this dedicated product guide.

Give Get

Looking to help out your clients, freelancers, or contacts while also saving money on your own unlimited plan? You can now Give a month of Unlimited and get $20 to your own plan.

Once your invitee successfully redeems the reward and signs up they will get a month of unlimited for free. If they stay on the plan, you'll receive $20 off on your own Unlimited plan.

To get started, simply head to your user settings to find your personalized gift link. Share this link with anyone you want to gift a free month of Rock Unlimited to.

For more information on how to use Give Unlimited, Get $20, check out this dedicated product guide.

Forwarding messages

With forwarding messages you can move discussions across spaces without copy-pasting or manually moving messages. To forward a message simply hover over it and select the forward icon.

Improvements on mobile

We have also made a bunch of improvements to the mobile app.

  • Templates: Create your own space templates. Use templates to skip setting up new spaces from scratch every single time or share your Rock template with others.
  • Referral program: Gift a month of Unlimited for free and get $20
  • Chat: More organized and less cluttered message threads
  • Workspaces: More fine-tuned privacy options for workspaces and spaces

If you have any questions about this release, connect with us at

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