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Whatsapp is primarily used for personal communication, however, some companies use it for business. At the first sight this might look as an attractive solution as it's free and easy to use. Nevertheless, switching from WhatsApp to Rock unlocks a new set of functionality that can help your team stay productive.

There are several reasons why you should move your business communication to a more suitable platform. Rock is a great WhatsApp alternative to switch your business messaging. In this article we will highlight some benefits of making this change.

We also lay down the steps to take if you want to seamlessly switch between platforms.

4 reasons to move your business communication away from Whatsapp

There are a few relevant points which you should reconsider if you still use Whatsapp or other messaging-only tools for your business communication. Read on to learn more.

WhatsApp provides only messaging functionality

Even though messaging is an important part of any business’ communication, it’s not everything.

If you rely only on messaging, your team ends up being dependent on synchronous communication. Synchronous communication implies that employees expect others to reply in real time in order to move on with their work. WhatsApp chats get noisy and messy, and it becomes difficult to stay up to date and easily find relevant information.

Rock combines both messaging and tasks. This way communication becomes way more structured and information is easier to find. You can still use chat for general communication but the Tasks mini-app is great for tracking your to-do’s and easily seeing what your colleagues are working on.

On Rock, your team doesn't need to follow long chats to find what’s relevant for them. You can simply create tasks and assign employees, so everyone knows what they need to do.

Each task has its own comments section. Instead of writing everything in one chat, you can discuss each task individually in the dedicated space. This keeps all information easily accessible to the relevant team members.

Communication on Whatsapp is siloed

Often you might need more than one chat to manage your work communication on Whatsapp. This is where it becomes difficult. It can be quite a challenge to communicate across chats as they are not really connected.

For example, if you interact with colleagues on several different projects in multiple chats. It is challenging to manage the work between a number of disconnected streams of communication.

You might need to reference messages or action items which were discussed in a different chat. Whatsapp doesn’t provide a smooth way to interconnect multiple chats and easily reference information across them.

On Rock, you can create Workspaces which enable you to connect your group chats together based on function and focus. Using Workspaces allows you to invite or remove people from multiple spaces at once which saves you time.

Work related communication on Whatsapp is harmful for your work-life balance

It’s likely that you use WhatsApp to communicate with your family and friends. If you also use the same app for work communication, the line between work and personal life is blurred.

That makes it more challenging to disconnect and rest after your working hours.

According to Forbes, a separation between work and private life helps to avoid stress and is critical for your and your colleagues mental health.

Rock allows you to have a dedicated tool only for work communication. It means you won’t see unwanted work related messages coming in during your free time. This will help you to establish a healthy work-life balance.

WhatsApp needs to be combined with another project management tool

WhatsApp is great for chatting but not powerful enough for many teams that want to manage projects. Likely, you need to combine Whatsapp with another project management tool as messaging isn’t enough to establish a sustainable workflow.

Consequently, your team will have to communicate via messages on one tool, and monitor tasks on another one. This type of context switching causes employees to lose focus as their productivity is temporarily reduced every time they have to switch between tools.

Why not keep it all in one place? Rock has a bunch of features beyond the chat that will help you further supercharge your work. Here are a few benefits of Rock which will allow you to do way more than just messaging:


You can create and easily mention tasks, notes, topics, files and people in the chat. It provides direct links to the objects you are referring to. As all the objects are on Rock, you don’t need to leave the platform to view them. Everything becomes interconnected and easily accessible!


Convert a string of messages into a new task, note or topic. No more copy pasting information between platforms so you save time. Also, your chats become clean and organized.

Less context switching.

The fewer platforms in your toolstack, the better the focus. With Rock, everything is integrated so you can stay on one platform and focus on your work with less distractions.

Use import from WhatsApp to quickly migrate conversations and users

Ready to move from WhatsApp to Rock? You don’t need to worry about losing your previous chat history as you can bring it over. You can simply import all your information, users and messages, from Whatsapp to Rock for free.

You can do that in a few easy steps. We’re going to guide you through this simple procedure:

1. Export your chats from WhatsApp

Firstly, export the chats from WhatsApp which you want to bring over to Rock. This is possible on your mobile device only.

2. Import to Rock

You can import a chat directly to Rock when saving from Whatsapp. Whatsapp will show you a selection of different apps to share the exported chat to. Select Rock among these and it will start the importing process.

3. Select the Rock space

Choose a space where you want to import your Whatsapp chat. Alternatively, you can also create a new space to host the messages and invite your WhatsApp contacts to.

4. Map the users you are importing

Invite users that were part of the WhatsApp chat to Rock. This way, the messages are assigned to the correct sender. You can invite people inside and outside your organization to Rock for free.

5. Confirm the import

Your messages and users are now on Rock! You will get notified and will see an ‘imported’ tag to your imported messages.
If you need more detailed information on how to carry on an import, please read this guide to walk you through all the steps in detail.

Switch from WhatsApp to Rock today, it’s free!

Get your team on Rock today to leverage more functionality through tasks, notes, files and meetings. Rock was built with a focus on productivity and collaboration.

Improve your workflow, reduce stress and access a complete overview of what your team is working on from a single app. Pick and choose how to communicate with your team and bring tasks to the finish line.

If you need any support with importing from WhatsApp or have questions to our team, feel free to get in touch with us.

We also encourage you to join the Future of Rock community to learn more about how we organize our work, collaborate with people and stay productive with messaging, tasks and more in one place.

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