Upgrading to PRO

November 22, 2022

10 min read

Rock’s PRO plan includes advanced tasks and space features such as custom fields, recurring tasks, sprints, webhooks, Zapier integration, calendar sync, Workspaces, and more, allowing for better task management, productivity, and collaboration.This product guide will share everything you need to know about upgrading your account.

Upgrading your account to PRO

If you've finally decided to upgrade to PRO, follow these steps to upgrade your account:Step 1:Access your user settings by pressing your image in the top left corner.

Step 2:Press the "Free Plan" tab on the My Account panel.

Step 3: Select "Upgrade Account" under the PRO plan. You’ll have the choice to have your payment plan billed annually or monthly. Annual subscriptions get a discount.

Step 4: Make sure the payments are made in the correct installments: monthly or annually. You save about 25% off your fees if you pay annually.

Step 5: Press "Confirm and pay," which will forward you to the payments page.

Step 6: Fill in your card information through Stripe (our third-party app for credit card payments) and upgrade your account to PRO.

? Note that you can also access the account upgrade panel when you try to use PRO features that are not enabled on free accounts in a space you are an admin of.

Your PRO spaces

Upgrading your account to PRO will give you 10 PRO space upgrades. You can view your remaining PRO space quota and all the spaces you’ve upgraded to PRO using the “Pro Plan” tab on your user settings.You’ll also have the option to downgrade your PRO spaces in this panel. This is particularly handy when a previously upgraded space doesn’t need the PRO features anymore or if you want to free slots in your quota.Alternatively, you can buy more PRO space quota if you need more. The PRO plan menu gives you options to buy a PRO space package, which will get you five additional spaces.Note: Personal Spaces are now automatically upgraded to PRO so that everyone can try out most of our features for themselves! Your upgraded personal space will not count towards your PRO spaces quota.

Your Workspaces

Workspaces are a Rock feature that allows users to group spaces, allowing for more accessible space and member management.

When you upgrade to a PRO plan, you’ll get one additional Workspace that can house up to 20 spaces (on a FREE plan, you only get 1 Workspace with up to 10 spaces.)

Frequently Asked Questions on Upgrading to a PRO Account

What happens if I want to downgrade my PRO plan to a FREE plan? Is that possible?

It is possible to cancel the subscription. You do so through the PRO plans menu in your account settings.At the end of the current billing period, PRO features will be removed from all spaces, all PRO Spaces will be downgraded, and add-ons will be removed.

What happens to all my PRO spaces and Workspaces if I  don’t get to renew my monthly PRO plan in time? Is there a grace period?

We have a grace period of 72h (3 days). All PRO features and functions are canceled if your subscription remains unpaid after this period.

What happens to all the PRO features on the spaces I upgraded to PRO if my PRO plan expires or if I downgrade my account?

At the end of the current billing period plus our 72h grace period, PRO features will be removed from all spaces, all PRO Spaces will be downgraded, and add-ons will be removed.What happens if I downgrade the PRO space to FREE?All PRO functions will be blocked and will not work. Once you upgrade back to PRO, then everything will work again. Data (e.g., sprints, custom fields) are not removed.

I’m on a domain, but it’s not a big company, and there are few people. Do I need to get myself a TEAMS account? Can I get a PRO account?

Yes, you can opt to get just a PRO account if it suits your company and your needs.

I’m an educator/I work for a nonprofit organization. Is there a discount for those kinds of professionals?

Yes, we do. Just reach out to the Rock Support team through the Rock Support and Updates space, and a product specialist will help you get the discount you need.

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