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The unlimited plan allows teams to collaborate on Rock without constraints. Unlock PRO spaces, the time tracker, the management dashboard and so much more. This product guide will share everything you need to know about upgrading your account.

Upgrading your account to Unlimited

Looking to switch to Unlimited? Follow these steps to upgrade your account:

Step 1: Access your user settings by pressing your image in the top left corner.

Step 2: Press the "Upgrade" tab on the My Account panel. You can also access the panel through this link.

Step 3: Select "Upgrade to Unlimited".

Step 4: Confirm the frequency of payment installments: monthly or annually. You can save up to 28% in the price when selecting annual installments.

Step 5: Press "Confirm and pay," which will forward you to the payments page.

Step 6: Fill in your card information through Stripe (our third-party app for credit card payments) and upgrade your account to Unlimited.

You will know the payment was sent through successfully when the unlimited icon appears next to your user image. You can further manage your subscription from this same panel through the three dots if you wish to cancel or change installments between monthly and yearly.

You're on Unlimited! What's next?

You're on unlimited now! With your unlimited plan, you now have the ability to upgrade past spaces to PRO in the space settings, if you have admin privileges. If not, you can request admin permissions from the space owner. Upgrading to PRO unlocks all features of the unlimited plan.

All new spaces you create or any created by managers will automatically be set to PRO. There's no limit to the number of PRO spaces you can have under your unlimited plan, and you can invite anyone, both within and outside your organization, to join without additional charges. PRO spaces include:

Claim your domain

You should claim your domain If you are on a corporate domain (i.e. @letsrockhq.com or acme.com). This unlocks advanced member management functionality, online status, and easier team management overall.

To learn more about claiming a domain, check out the following product guide. Note that this is not possible for users under a general email domain (i.e. gmail.com, yahoo.com, etc.)


Now that you are on the Unlimited plan, you can create larger workspaces and configure them to your liking. Workspaces allow you to organize how you get work done on Rock by inviting users to a set of spaces at the same time.

You can easily manage the users and toggle access and permissions from a dedicated workspace panel. This is available to all users under the unlimited plan. Click on this link to learn more about workspaces.

Configuring workspaces will make it easier to get started with the management dashboard and time tracker.

Frequently Asked Questions on Upgrading to an Unlimited Account

What happens to all my PRO spaces and Workspaces if I  don’t get to renew unlimited plan in time? Is there a grace period?

We have a grace period of 72h (3 days). All unlimited functionality is frozen if your subscription remains unpaid after this period and your account will have to comply with limits set under the FREE plan.

What happens to all the PRO features on the spaces I upgraded to PRO if my unlimited plan expires or if I downgrade my account?

At the end of the current billing period plus our 72h grace period, PRO spaces will be downgraded and advanced features will be frozen. Your account will also need to comply with limits set on the FREE plan (up to 10 members per space, 3 group spaces, up to 50 tasks and notes, 250MB upload limits, up to 3 spaces per workspace).

Do you offer special discounts to any users?

Yes, we have discounts for educators, students, and non-profit organizations. Check out their respective spaces or open a support space through this link for team assistance on the matter.

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