Product Update: Webforms, task board thumbnails, and lots of other improvements





Product Updates


In this release we're introducing Rock webforms, adding the ability to display thumbnails on the task board, and making a ton of other improvements to the core Rock experience. Interested in learning more? Check out the key changes below:

  1. Webform - add a Rock webform to any website and when an entry is submitted a task is created in Rock. Use this for incoming requests, sales inquiries, or support tickets, and do the follow-up in Rock.
  2. Thumbnails on the task board - see images on the task board so you can quickly see creative, visuals, and other attachments without having to go into a task.
  3. Scheduled messages - send messages when people are going to be online by scheduling these based on their timezone.
  4. Workspace improvements - instead of automatically adding everyone to all spaces in a workspace, you can now selectively invite people to a specific space.
  5. Minimize space panel - need a bit more space for your space? You can now minimize the space panel so you can see more. No larger monitor needed.
  6. Tons of other improvements - from improved task objects in chat to improvements on the way you navigate around Rock, we've added tens of small improvements that will keep you rocking.

Embeddable Rock webform

Set up new webforms between your website and Rock, available in both free and PRO spaces. Rock webforms automatically convert new website responses into tasks, creating a more centralized and intuitive flow of information.

This makes it easier for website visitors to contact you and allows your team to access and handle new form submissions without leaving Rock.

Here are some instances where the new webform could benefit to your team operations:

  1. Product demos and consultations: Create a form that allows visitors to request a demo or consultation. This helps you gather pre-sales information while also directly assigning a new lead to a space member.
  2. Contact forms: Add a "Contact Us" form to allow visitors to ask questions about your business or products and collect their information for future marketing. Visit our contact page to see this example in action!
  3. Newsletter sign-up: Add a form for visitors to seamlessly sign up for your mailing list to stay engaged with updates, promotions and other important business announcements.
  4. Feedback: Collect reviews or feedback from visitors on a specific product or service. You can use labels to categorize all information within your dedicated Rock space.
  5. Event registration: Make it easy for attendees to register for your next digital or in-person event.

Check out our support page to see the webform in action, feel free to leave any feedback, queries or share anything else with us.

The new webform feature has been made available in both free and PRO spaces. Any user with admin permissions in a space can access the feature by visiting the space settings.

For additional information on how to embed a custom Rock webform, please visit this dedicated product guide.

Thumbnails on board view

It is now possible to display images on tasks when viewing the Tasks mini-app in board view. This can increase clarity on how to operate tasks, improve engagement or bring more personalized branding to your projects on Rock.

To set an image as a thumbnail, follow these simple steps:

  1. Upload an attachment in .PNG .JPG or .JPEG to a task.
  2. Hover over the element and select “Set as task preview”.
  3. Done! Your preview now shows on the board view. To remove the preview, repeat the steps and click on “Remove thumbnail”.

Workspace improvements

We have implemented an update to workspaces that enables you to selectively invite users to specific spaces within a workspace.

This means that once a user is invited, they will only be part of the spaces chosen by you, and will not automatically become a member of any current or future spaces added to that workspace.

To invite a new user to specific spaces, select the "invite manually" option in the workspaces panel.

Next, ensure to deselect the default option of "invite to all workspace spaces". Then, manually choose the users you want to invite to the subset of spaces in the workspace.

Once you have selected all desired users, press the "next" button.

You now have the option to choose which spaces to add the user to. They will no longer be automatically included in new spaces added to the workspace or already existing spaces within your workspace.

Remove link previews

You now have the ability to eliminate the thumbnail previews for links shared in chat. This change will be reflected for all users sharing the chat space with you.

To remove a thumbnail, simply hover over it once it appears and click the "x" button. Keep in mind, once removed, the thumbnail cannot be restored for that specific message.

Jump to message

Want to quickly access the original message in a notification or thread? The chat panel now offers the option to jump to the message in the chat.

This makes it easier to view past conversations and navigate through messages in your different spaces and discussions. To activate the feature, simply select “Jump to Message” at the top of the panel.

Minimize spaces panel

Maximize your Rock spaces view by hiding the spaces to the left. This feature can be easily enabled by pressing “hide” at the top of the spaces view.

This reduces clutter and increases the size of an open mini-app in a space, making it easier to get work done within your different workstreams.

Tasks objects in chat, now with due date and assignee status

Task objects now provide a more comprehensive view when shared in a space. Along with the standard information, we have added due date and assignee status.

This additional information will automatically appear when creating a new task or mentioning a task in your next conversation.

Time tracker improvements

We have made numerous improvements to the time tracker. This should result in a smoother experience overall with bug fixes and speed improvements across the board. Additionally, the format of the CSV exported from the time tracker has been updated.

To export tracked time in a CSV follow these steps. Go to your personal time tracker or the time view in the management dashboard -> set the desired time frame -> select "export" in the top right corner of the view.

Scheduled messages (unlimited)

Send messages or polls at a convenient time by scheduling them. This enables you to send messages at a time that aligns with your team members' time zones, plan ahead or set reminders.

Note that this feature is only available in PRO spaces under the Unlimited plan. To learn more about this new feature check out the dedicated product guide.

Unlimited plan in full effect

The unlimited plan is available for everyone, and limits for the free plan are now in effect. All users have access to free spaces, but with limitations.

FREE spaces are limited to creating 50 tasks and notes, adding 10 members, and uploading 250MB of files per FREE space.

Free users can also create only 3 group spaces and one workspace. However, you can create unlimited 1:1 spaces and use the Chat and Topics mini-apps without any restrictions.

Upgrading to unlimited will eliminate these limitations and unlock PRO spaces that include all the following features:

Purchasers and managers can create as many PRO spaces as needed under the Unlimited plan.

Upgrade today and unlock access to PRO spaces for your team, partners, clients, freelancers and anyone else that wants to collaborate together with you on Rock.

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