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Questions & answers

Is the Zoom integration free?

Yes, the integration is completely free and available in every space. It is part of the Meetings mini-app and allows you to start a meeting when messages, tasks or notes are not cutting it.

Do I have to integrate Zoom again for every space?

The integration for Zoom on Rock is account-bound. This means that you can use it in any space after initially integrating it.

When should I start a Zoom meeting?

Start a Zoom meeting when chat, tasks, topics or notes are not cutting it. We have added meeting integrations to every space because sometimes it’s the fastest way to get something done.

Check out our Virtual Meetings Best Practices guide if you’re looking to further improve your meeting workflow.

Can anyone in my space join the Zoom meeting?

Yes, everyone is free to join the Zoom meetings you start in your 1:1 or group spaces.

Guests, members and admins can all join your meeting by clicking on the dedicated link and entering the passcode.

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a globally used videoconferencing tool. It offers a generous free plan that allows teams to meet across geographical regions and time zones.

The tool offers video and audio meetings and only requires connection to the internet to function.

My team does not use Zoom, can I integrate with another tool?

We have other videoconferencing integrations with Google Meet, Jitsi and Loom if your team prefers to use another tool. All integrations are completely free and available in every space.

Is the integration with Zoom secure?

Our Zoom integration is covered by the strict Terms of Service and completely secure.

You can learn more about the integration on our marketplace page if you’re looking for more insights on the security and privacy practices.